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Teams at your disposal

Reception and service staff is at your disposal day and night 7 days a week, as well as the administrative team.

Individualized support

A socio-educational team offers a safe environment with a tailor-made support for every resident.

This team supports each resident for the following steps: private expenses management, awareness of one’s rights and getting access to them, looking for a placement, a job or a flat, etc.

This follow-up aims at increasing the residents’ independence, as well as contributing to the building-up of their personalities and to their self-fulfillments.

It is part of a 3 phase work methodology:

  • A social diagnosis
  • The establishment of a life project with the resident
  • Interviews with the referent to take stock and eventually reexamine objectives and implemented means.

L’Escale Reims is a springboard in its residents’ lives, so let’s stopover to take a new course!