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From the school with a free clinic to the current residence for young people.

L’Escale Reims is an establishment of ROSACE association. Its story begins over 100 years ago : a living place where you can meet and exchange in mutual respect. It is more than a century of existence, experience, evolution and change :

étudiant assis à son bureau dans sa chambre
  • 1899 : establishment of the Société des Filles du Coeur de Marie, and of a Red Cross school with a free clinic.
  • 1950 : premises become available to female students as a hall of residence
  • 1957 : arrival of 24 female students
  • 1961 : arrival of young female workers
  • 1962 : expansion of the Residence, 60 beds
  • 1969 : inauguration of the expanded Residence, 123 rooms, refurbished and modernized premises
  • 1978 : the Residence becomes “Foyer de jeunes filles L’Escale” (Residence for young girls)
  • 2007 : the Residence becomes “L’Escale Habitat Jeunes Travailleuses, Stagiaires, Etudiantes” (Residence for young female workers, trainees, or students)
  • 2010 : the association project is redefined (reconstruction and renovation work, becoming mixed)
  • 2014 : delivery of the 1st building, the residence opens to boys and becomes a mixed “Résidence Sociale Jeunes” (Social residence for young people)
  • 2015 : delivery of the 2 remaining buildings
  • 2021 : l’Escale Reims becomes an establishment of ROSACE association.

An associative establishment with assertive values

Faithful to its missions and in accordance with the associative ROSACE’s project, L’Escale Reims aims at helping residents:

  • To become aware of their own values
  • To blossom in their emotional, cultural, working, social, moral and spiritual lives.

In line with the spirit of its founding members, L’Escale Reims bases its work with young people on the values that are expressed below :

  • Young residents are welcomed in their diversity : young people are welcomed with respect for their social and cultural diversity. We help them consider their future and we ensure their protection.
  • Upholding of a pleasant living environment : we all care about the respect for our environment. Cleanliness, equipment quality, regular maintenance and safety aim at making life more pleasant for everyone.
  • Benevolent and respectful listening : we make ourselves available and attentive to each other with benevolence and respect for everybody’s personal story, personality, strong and weak spots. As for oral or written communication, the two keywords are calm and politeness. Communication is based on mutual respect.
  • An overall follow-up shared in partnership : The residents’ follow-up is based on a mutual desire to work together in order to keep satisfying all young people’s needs. To do so, we work in partnership with the whole social and medico social staff in order to take into account the physical, as well as moral or spiritual dimensions of the residents, in relation to their social and family environment.
  • An educational support for greater independence : The Residence is a springboard in the young peoples’ lives and gives them an opportunity to take a new start. Tutoring helps them become more independent to make their social and professional start easier. We aim at helping the residents realize their potential. Our goal is to help them develop their personalities, their open-mindedness and find out the meaning they wish to give to their lives.
  • Teamwork and confidence : The team of employees works together in a professional spirit to carry out the missions of the association. The team applies the house rules of operation with justice and equity. It wants to make young residents feel responsible and acts with benevolence and mutual trust.

Clear objectives

The association goal is to set objectives for the next 5 years pursuant to its statutes and values :

  • Reinforce the existence of the association rules and values for everyone
  • Encourage the young to participate and be responsible
  • Reinforce education standard and services for all residents
  • Make all residents conscious of ecological priorities
  • Leave better with our spiritual convictions
  • Consolidate communication
  • Develop partnerships
  • To unit the associations and develop a better association life
  • Create new activities and active participation by the young